Getting the right legal advice on employment issues is important particularly where you may be exposed as a business owner and have to pay for making the wrong decision.

Our employment lawyers provide advice for employees and employers in a wide range of employment issues.

Advice for Employees

We provide a wide range of legal services for employees in relation to their employment matters. From initial advice on employment agreements through to Fair Work Claims. We can assist with more complex employment arrangements such as Share Purchase or Sale, executive entitlements or partnership agreements.

Employment (or contractor) agreements proposed from a prospective employer may need to be amended. You should consider what your options are specifically in relation to restraint of trade clauses.

We also assist in a wide range of employment disputes and help employees in a variety of employment law issues including:

  • Advice on employment Contracts
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Unfair dismissal cases
  • General Protection Claims
  • Exit & redundancy packages
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Bullying, Harassment & other conduct issues
  • Underpayment or bonus & Entitlement Claims
  • Disciplinary Action taken by boards or authorities
Advice for Employers

We advise and assist employers in a range of industries in helping navigate the complex employment laws and other relevant legislation. Whether you are a small business or larger organisation we can provide tailored legal advice to your employment issues.

We assist many employers with drafting employment agreements and advising on specific employment related issues.

Getting employment law advice is often cheaper and less time consuming than dealing with Fair Work Claims and potential payouts. It is important that if you are considering dismissing an employee that you know your legal position and are confident you are operating within the law.

We help SME businesses with their workplace issues such as:

  • General Employment Advice
  • Drafting of Employment Agreements
  • Employee Termination, Redundancies
  • Share sales and buy backs
  • Unfair Dismissal Claims
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Workplace Bullying and Conduct Issues
  • Discrimination & Sexual Harassment
  • Representation at Fair Work Commission
  • Underpayment Claims
  • Enforcing Restraint of Trade Clauses
  • Health & Safety Issues
Drafting Employment Agreements

The commencement of employment is important and key to protecting your rights and outlining responsibilities. Employment agreements should be exhaustive and provide protection for your business.

Employees are often the largest risk to your intellectual property and customer data and to protect your business your employment agreements.

Getting the Right Advice

Seeking advice from a professional legal advisor that focusses on providing SME businesses with legal advice will help your deal better with all your employment matters.

Whether you require extensive legal advice or just answers to some questions we can assist. Workplace laws and the Fair Work Act can be confusing and interactions with Fair Work Office can leave you with more questions than answers. Professional legal advice will provide clear guidance on how to proceed with contentious matters and what your options are.

Our law firm has been providing quality and professional legal advice to our clients on a range of legal matters. We have extensive experience and good client outcomes in employment law matters.

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Branden L, Ravenhall

Excellent Service. PCL did a great job advising me about my rights and protecting my name and business goodwill. I can absolutely recommend this very professional service.

Brett Wilson/Glen Waverley

If I had of gone to another law firm that was cheaper I may have saved many thousands of dollars but as it turns out I may have lost a lot more than that upon settlement. Using a firm such as PCL lawyers I had the peace of mind that each issue as it arose was dealt with in a very matter of fact way and to the letter of the law.

Tiffany J/ Australia

Out of speaking to two other lawyers you were the only one to give me any genuine advice.

Morgan S/ Australia

Thank you so much for your assistance. Should I ever have the chance to recommend you I will do so.

Lisa G/Bentleigh

I appreciate your time and effort and thank you for your prompt response and professionalism. I would not hesitate to use your services again and refer PCL Lawyers to others.

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