Buying A Business

keyboard buy now iconBuying a business is a big decision. You may be purchasing in a business for the first time and not be aware of many of the pitfalls surrounding your purchase.

Several things need to be considered in relation to the Contract. It is not just working out the price, the payment terms and the settlement date. You need to give careful consideration to the finer points of the deal.

With the employees for instance, you want to make sure that to the extent you are taking over a business with employees that you limit your liability or, at the very least, understand that liability, as it may affect the amount you are prepared to pay for the business. In other words, it is important to ensure there are no “hangover” burdens; we will make sure that you are competently advised as to the various aspects of the Contract, even if you have purchased businesses before. If there are lease premises our property lawyers will make sure that the new or assigned lease is handled for you also.

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