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Our Firm’s Practice Areas In Business Law Include:

Our property lawyers have expertise and offer a full range of legal service in property law for both commercial properties and residential properties.

We can assist with the following:

  • Conveyancing
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Commercial Lease Disputes
  • Licences, Sub-leases and Assignments of Lease
  • Lock-outs & Terminations of Leases
  • Compulsory Acquisition of Land
  • Adverse possession, Boundary and fencing disputes
  • Property Disputes
  • Transfers & Co-owner agreements
  • Building Contracts & Property Development
  • Duty and Land Tax Assessments Disputes & Rulings
  • Advice to Conveyancers & Clients regarding Professional Indemnity Claims

We have extensive experience in helping our clients with simple and complex property transactions.


Our conveyancing lawyers are skilled in handling simple and complex transactions and our service is highly rated and appreciated by our clients.

Our property lawyers can help individuals and businesses when buying and selling real estate. We can also assist with property transfers and draft and advise on co-owner property agreements.

Read more on our conveyancing services here.

Commercial Leasing

Whether you are a tenant requiring commercial lease agreement advice or a landlord having the right terms in your lease and ensuring that your tenancy is correctly defined is important.

The definition of Retail leases and non-retail leases are somewhat dependent on the tenant and the nature of their business. Having a thorough understanding of the commercial and legal applications is crucial when advising and resolving disputes for tenants and landlords.

We can assist in drafting and advising on a range of lease types and needs such as sub-leases, assignments of lease, licences, and terminations of lease.

Read more on our commercial leasing legal services here.

Commercial Lease Disputes

Commercial Leasing has many components and the impact of the lease on how your business operates can not be understated.

Lease Disputes can arise from many different aspects and we are skilled in assisting landlords and tenants in settling disputes. Our lease lawyers handle disputes all aspects and types of leases for a range of commercial uses.

Where there is a default on a commercial lease and you are considering locking out the tenant or terminating the lease then we can provide advice so that there are no adverse action from the tenant.

If you have been locked out, of the premises we will ensure that your rights under the lease are enforced and we can assist in negotiations.

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, our lease lawyers provide an expert advice on what practical and legal steps can be taken to resolve your commercial lease dispute.

Compulsory Acquisition of Land

We are experienced in assisting landowners and businesses that have been affected by the compulsory acquisition of land.
The vast majority of the legal fees are covered by the acquiring authority, usually the government. And we have achieved good results for our clients and increased the amount paid out to them above and beyond what was originally offered by the authority.

If your property or business have been affected by a compulsory acquisition then you may have a claim and should ensure that you are getting paid fairly for what loss you will incur.

Read more on our compulsory acquisition legal services here.

Adverse Possession, Boundary & Fencing Disputes

If you own a property where there is a claim or dispute over the boundary or fencing we can assist. Our lawyers are skilled in handling adverse possession claims and resolving issues over boundary and fencing disputes between neighbours. We can also assist where there are other disputes between neighbours such as trees and fencing.

Building Contracts & Property Development

If you are considering building a property or engaging in property development then we can assist and provide tailored legal advice.

If you are a builder or a property owner we can help with building contract advice and routinely handle building disputes. We can advise clients prior to attending the DBDRV and if there is no successful outcome we can help pursue the matter in court.

We have also been successful in helping clients’ reach agreements whilst the matter is awaiting a hearing at the DBDRV.

Property Disputes

There can be a range of disputes between property owners and other parties. Property dispute lawyers have extensive knowledge in property law and are skilled in dispute resolution and court procedures.

We can assist in a range of property-based dispute and you can read more on our skills in handling disputes and litigation here.

Duty & Land Tax assessment disputes & Rulings

We can also advise where you may have a duty or land tax assessment dispute with the State Revenue Office due to a valuation or other circumstances.

In certain instances you may also need to obtain a ruling from the State Revenue Office and we can advise you and prepare the submission.

Advice to Conveyancers and clients regarding Professional Indemnity Claims

We also advise certified conveyancers, and their clients, where a dispute may arise or a claim on their professional indemnity insurance.

Our Service

Whatever type of property matter you have our property lawyers can help.

We provide a high quality legal service and can assist in all our business and individual clients needs.

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Speak to one of our property lawyers today regarding your matter on 130 907 335 or complete an online enquiry form.

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Branden L, Ravenhall

Excellent Service. PCL did a great job advising me about my rights and protecting my name and business goodwill. I can absolutely recommend this very professional service.

Brett Wilson/Glen Waverley

If I had of gone to another law firm that was cheaper I may have saved many thousands of dollars but as it turns out I may have lost a lot more than that upon settlement. Using a firm such as PCL lawyers I had the peace of mind that each issue as it arose was dealt with in a very matter of fact way and to the letter of the law.

Tiffany J/ Australia

Out of speaking to two other lawyers you were the only one to give me any genuine advice.

Morgan S/ Australia

Thank you so much for your assistance. Should I ever have the chance to recommend you I will do so.

Lisa G/Bentleigh

I appreciate your time and effort and thank you for your prompt response and professionalism. I would not hesitate to use your services again and refer PCL Lawyers to others.

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